More To Be Thankful 4 – Successful

More To Be Thankful 4 4 Weeks. $4000.


EOS International will consider its mission a success when the people of Nicaragua no longer live under the burden of poverty.

Donate before December 10th to support the More To Be Thankful 4 campaign.

We need YOUR help to meet our goal of raising [...]

More to Be Thankful For – Powerful

More To Be Thankful 4 4 Weeks. $4000.


Powerful – that’s what you are.

You have the power to alleviate poverty and improve lives in Nicaragua.

Support EOS today and experience how a small amount of money can create positive change.

There is still time left to donated to the More [...]

More to Be Thankful 4 – Hopeful

More To Be Thankful 4 4 Weeks. $4000.


Nicaragua is currently one of the most poverty-stricken nations in the western hemisphere.

Almost 50% of Nicaraguans live on less than $2 per day.

Please help EOS International bring technology and hope to this country.

Thanks to those of you who have already [...]

More to Be Thankful 4 – Useful

More To Be Thankful 4 4 Weeks. $4000.


It doesn’t take a degree in economics or a lifetime in the developing world to alleviate poverty – just useful technology.

A farmer is growing crops during dry times when he previously could not because of an EOS drip irrigation system.

A family [...]

More to Be Thankful 4 – Thankful

More To Be Thankful 4 4 Weeks. $4000.

THANKFUL Clean, safe drinking water.Fuel to cook meals.Fertilizer for crops.

These are just a few things families in Nicaragua are grateful for this Thanksgiving, and it’s all thanks to your generous support of EOS.

Please help EOS give the people of Nicaragua something to [...]

20×20 Project Wrap-up

The 20×20 Project has officially concluded and I am thrilled to report that through the generosity of our supporters we were able to raise $3,280 from 132 donors! This amount far surpassed the $2,000 goal we had initially set and could not have come at a better time. Plastic bladders, the most important part [...]

We’re Halfway There

After two weeks, the 20 x 20 Project has raised almost $1,300 due to the generosity of more than 60 people! We are over halfway to our goal of raising $2,000 and halfway to our deadline of May 20th. [...]

The 20×20 Project

EOS International announces a new initiative, The 20 x 20 Project. We want to fund 20 biodigesters in Nicaragua by May 20.  A biodigester is a simple technology that converts animal and organic wastes into biogas and nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer. The biogas can be piped to a simple gas cooking range and [...]

Vamos adelante en Nicaragua (Moving forward in Nicaragua)

Two weeks of unpaid vacation in between a move from Iowa to northern California allowed me to spend the last 16 days in Nicaragua for EOS work. This was my third time here and meant that I have now spent a total of one out of the last 12 months in Nicaragua. Each trip has [...]

Response to Haiti disaster

Two weeks ago, a devastating 7.0+ earthquake struck Haiti, a country I visited just five months ago, outside of its capital, Port-au-Prince. The whole world is aware of this disaster, but I feel especially close to it as I made friends with many Haitians during my time there. So many Haitians lived with nothing already; [...]