what we do

What We Do

The three main roles in our project work include: directly implementing our core technologies, which include drip irrigation systems, fuel-efficient barrel ovens, biodigesters, chlorinators, and solar electric systems, and promoting and teaching other development organizations and rural villages how to implement these technologies, and developing technology kits to distribute in order to extend our impact to other regions.

Direct implementation of core technologies

In the last five years, EOS International has developed a set of core technologies that are improving the quality of life for rural families by creating income generating opportunities and improving their health. EOS International’s team of engineers overhaul existing concepts to improve system designs while lowering cost by removing unnecessary components and increasing the use of locally available materials.

To date, we have implemented our core technologies in rural villages across nine of Nicaragua’s 17 departments. EOS installed demonstration systems and promoted core technologies in a number of these communities and now orders are streaming in from all over Nicaragua as local families share their successes with friends and neighbors.

Promoting technologies and teaching others

In order to make a bigger impact, EOS International believes in a collaborative approach to development. We strive to collaborate with other organizations that work with appropriate technology and those that work in underserved communities throughout the developing world.

In Nicaragua, EOS is working with the Peace Corps and Opportunity International by delivering formal training to volunteers on our core technologies, assisting them with system implementation and giving workshops in their communities to teach local laborers how to construct and repair these technologies. Our core technologies are in high demand throughout Nicaragua and we plan to begin working with other development organizations in a similar way. We have also developed step-by-step construction manuals for each of our technologies and are disseminating them through the Peace Corps and our website.

On a larger scale, EOS hopes to play a vital role in the eradication of poverty by promoting the benefits of appropriate technology and our specific designs to other development organizations. EOS shares technical information and serves as a resource to other groups looking to implement our technologies in their target communities. We are currently working with the Peace Corps as well as individual chapters of both Engineers Without Borders and Engineers for a Sustainable World to share our experiences, create awareness of our core technologies and develop new technologies. By partnering with other organizations, we will leverage their relationships in communities across the globe to efficiently reach more people in need.

Development of technology kits

Our technologies use materials available in Nicaragua, but many items are bought in bulk to reduce overall price. This makes it difficult for individuals and small groups to affordably install our technologies. To solve this challenge and broaden our reach, we have developed and are distributing technology kits.

After purchasing materials in bulk, we assemble kits of required materials and deliver them to Peace Corps Volunteers and other organizations that have been trained on correct implementation and maintenance procedures. This system has been successful thus far and we will be sending our kits to organizations across Central America.