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To provide under-served communities with access to low-cost appropriate technology solutions that generate income, improve health, and allow access to clean energy.


That underserved communities throughout the developing world have an awareness of and access to appropriate technology solutions that allow families to lift themselves out of poverty.

About Us

EOS International empowers rural families in Central America by providing simple, inexpensive solutions that improve health, generate income, and provide access to clean energy. EOS promotes, manufactures, installs, tracks, and educates its users on life-changing technology projects that create economic opportunities to empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty and improve their quality of life.

Nicaragua, where EOS primarily operates, is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with fifty percent of the rural population living below the national poverty line. More than eighty percent of Nicaragua’s poor live in rural areas, where access to basic services is limited and to where businesses and NGOs rarely travel. In addition to living in remote areas and possessing little purchasing power, most rural families continue to rely on hazardous practices such as burning kerosene or diesel for light in enclosed areas, using open fires in homes for cooking, and living without access to clean drinking water.

Through strong community partnerships and investment from technology beneficiaries, EOS creates sustainable, life-changing solutions for people to lift themselves out of poverty. Whether it is providing improved ovens for women to start bakery businesses, installing solar panels so families no longer live in darkness, or saving lives through water purification systems, EOS is dedicated to creating a long-lasting impact in Central America.

With a staff of twelve in Nicaragua, EOS is a locally managed organization dedicated to the successful implementation of technology solutions through tracking and evaluating installations to ensure a long-term, positive impact.

Our partnerships with the Peace Corps, Nicaraguan Ministry of Health, and many other organizations have helped us expand our reach and increase our effectiveness in order to continue our mission of building stronger communities. We are proud to work with Universities across the United States to offer educational and cultural opportunities to the next generation of change makers.

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