Staff & Board

Meet the Nicaragua Team

  • Alvaro Rodriguez
    Alvaro Rodriguez Co-founder & Country Director
  • Evelyn Soza
    Evelyn Soza Administration Coordinator
  • Milton Rocha
    Milton Rocha General Manager, Clean Water Coordinator
  • Walther Quezada
    Walther Quezada Technology Coordinator
  • Karla Castro
    Karla Castro International Leadership Program Coordinator
  • Caren Espinoza
    Caren Espinoza Accountant
  • Marlon Castro
    Marlon Castro Clean Water Technician
  • Deyanira Meneses
    Deyanira Meneses Measurement & Evaluation Associate
  • Angel Manolo
    Angel Manolo Technician
  • Esau Meza
    Esau Meza Technician
  • Sergio Noel Romero
    Sergio Noel Romero Clean Water Tablet Technician

Meet the US Team

Professional Staff

  • Wes Meier
    Wes Meier Co-Founder & CEO
  • Lisa Cook
    Lisa Cook Development Director
  • Amy Danielson
    Amy Danielson Marketing Coordinator

Volunteer Staff

  • Greg McGrath
    Greg McGrath Co-Founder & Development Chair
  • Derek Renfeld
    Derek Renfeld Social Media Coordinator
  • Giovanni Cruz
    Giovanni Cruz Translator
  • Kendall Smitherman
    Kendall Smitherman International Leadership Program Coordinator

Meet the Board

  • John Bustle, Chair
    John Bustle, Chair Philanthropy Impact Advisors, LLC
  • Frank Bergh, P.E.
    Frank Bergh, P.E. VP of Grid Engineering, Sigora Intl Inc.
  • Brian Bell
    Brian Bell Assistant Program Director, Acara
  • Chelsey Currie
    Chelsey Currie Corporate Finance, Medtronic
  • Chris Deal
    Chris Deal EOS, Co-founder; Director, Modus Engineering
  • Lucy Jodlowska
    Lucy Jodlowska Programs Director, Wallace Center
  • Jill M. Johnson
    Jill M. Johnson VP for Marketing & Public Relations, Simpson College
  • Joe Lamusga
    Joe Lamusga Design Engineer, Rolls Royce
  • Gregory McGrath
    Gregory McGrath EOS, Co-founder; Business Development Leader, Baldwin Technologies
  • Wesley Meier
    Wesley Meier Co-Founder & CEO, EOS
  • Jeff Ross
    Jeff Ross CEO, TechSource360
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